Why you need the ultimate survival technologies?

The ultimate survival technologies provide their users with the latest proprietary survival products and emergency preparedness gear. Whether you are enjoying your outdoor adventure or exploring the wild, the ultimate survival technologies offers you affordable and reliable survival and safety tools to use while you are at it. You won’t have to worry about your power outrage anymore; these equipments will make your adventure more rewarding and fun.

Some of these equipments we can mention, fire starters, cutting tools, heaters, led survival lights and navigation. The fire starters can start a fire anywhere you are. It is easy to use and carry around in your pocket and very effective tool. With a simple push of the flint bar, you can create a shower of sparks.

Heaters are great to keep you warm during you winter adventures. These packs are designed for a temporary warming. However, depending on the batteries, they can stay heated for longer periods. Led waterproof lights are available in different shapes, style and features to match your needs and preferences. These led waterproof lights provide prolonged vision even in rough environment conditions. They also come with a navigator tool that will keep your oriented whenever you are feeling lost.

Ultra-hydrating after burn gel

Are you getting little too much sun form a long day at the beach or from your outdoor activities? You probably need to consider after burn gel. With its ultra-hydrating formula and its natural ingredients, the after urn gel will provide you with a soothing and cooling relief for your sun burned area.

Many people have been using it for centuries now as a daily skin care routine to help rehydrate and moisturize the painfully red and dry skin. Before applying the after burn get, get a cool shower to help reduce the redness and the pain. Then apply the gel to the affected area to cool and sooth it. In order to get best results quickly, apply the after burn gel directly on a clean skin 3 to 2 times per day and slightly massage it until it is fully absorbed.

Make sure to get a sun burn gel that is free from paraben, sulfate, glycol or fragrance and avoid chemical-based ingredients. These can have negative effects on your skin causing other irritation and skin problems. Also, it is better to contact your doctor before using any gel or creams to avoid having additional allergies or effects.

Enjoy your journey with adventure dog series

Are you a dog owner and someone who loves going on outdoor trips and adventures? Then you and your dog must likely destined to be trail buddies. However, if your dog is your companion then he may need a lot of care and attention. With the adventure dog series, you don’t have to worry much. The kit provides everything your dog will possible need during your journey.

In case of emergency situation, the adventure dog series kit will give you comprehensive first aid solutions. It contain a medical kit that offers all necessary supplies to keep your dog safe and sound. With the first aid equipments, you can easily wrap a self-adhering bandage on your dog’s injury. The bandage is designed in a way that it will not stick to his fur. It also includes other essential tools like blister, bleeding and wound care materials.

The kit comes with a comprehensive guideline manual that will give you some insightful tips and techniques on how to deal with certain circumstances where your dog is put in a dangerous situation. The manual also offers illustrations and information on how to use the adventure dog series medical kit in general.

Snake bite kit for emergency cases

Dealing with snakes is a dangerous challenge. Whether you are a hunter, camper or hiker, it is always preferable to carry with you snake bite kit. The snake bite can be deadly especially if the snake that bit you is venomous. The venom can slowly causes paralysis and then a painful death

People fear what can happen after the bite. Therefore, it is recommended to treat it immediately to avoid any negative consequences. With the snake bite kit, you can save your life and diminish the risks of being infected. The kit will help you buy some time until you get to the doctor. Meanwhile you can use the items in the kit for self treatment. The kit’s equipments will enable you to minimize the potential harmful damage. The user will be able to extract from the bit wound as much as venomous as possible by a sawyer extraction. The key to survival is to act immediately and as fast as possible.

The snake bite kit comes with instructions and guidelines so you don’t get lost. Later, your doctor will help you receive the anti venom to stop the worst effects possible.

Hydration Packs for your Outdoor Needs

If you need to stay hydrated on long runs, rides or hikes you need to own a hydration pack. Staying hydrated is essential to your healthy exercise. With a hydration backpack, you can be able to have a drink without letting go. The hydration packs act as an alternative to water bottles and are of different sizes and compartment to give the right hydration.

The hydration packs ensure you have drinking water on hand when backpacking, mountain climbing, cycling, and other activities. Hydration packs can be classified into backpacks and waist pack. The hydration packs are also designed differently for various activities like cycling, backpacking, cross-country and more. The hydration packs are fitted with a slim tube attached to the water reservoir, this allows you to sip water frequently without stopping.

You need to understand the need of the hydrated packs for you to purchase the right kit. Consider the capacity you require too; do you want to go hiking all day or for a short period? There are hydration backpacks designed for either men or women; therefore, you can choose the one that fits you best. Look no further for best and quality hydration packs, come to Blue Ridge Camping & Hiking.

All you Need to Know About Katadyn Water Filter

The world leader of portable water purification systems is Katadyn. It has developed high tech filtration technology with an innovative method. The katadyn water filter is the best in the market so far, it can be used by backpackers, hobbyists, and professional outdoor tour. A water filter is vital especially during an outdoor trip. When water is filtered, all the dirt and impurities are removed leaving water fit for drinking.

Filtering water also help to prevent waterborne diseases. The katadyn water filter is available in different types. It’s fast as water passes through the pump on both up and down strokes. It’s easy to pump the katadyn water filter thus more water can pass through in a short time. It does not require any field maintenance.

The katadyn water filter is also portable and can be kept on the side pocket of the backpack. The filter is generally fed by applying pressure to provide steady water flow. O not go for the cheapest filter but purchase a quality water filter to avoid messing up with your life. The katadyn water filter is durable and will offer you peace of mind when drinking your water. Consider this filter for your own survival, it is available in Blue Ridge Camping & Hiking.com.

Choosing the Right Wet Weather Gear

If you work outdoors or under challenging conditions daily, you need the right quality wet weather gear. To enjoy your outdoor work and the ability to work comfortably you need to choose the best gear. It’s worse to walk around in nasty weather while dripping on the inside of your gear. Therefore, you need to select the right gear by considering some characteristics.

Decide if you need a lightweight, medium weight, and heavyweight wet weather clothing. Consider the material and color. Note that the different materials have varying weight, breathability, durability, cost and waterproofing ability. The lightweight wet weather clothing is used by farmers or by bike riders, ensure the gear is of good quality like PVC. The medium gear is tough for most applications or for less rough conditions.

Heavy gear is best for harsh environments. Consider the number of layers, the weight of the PVC and the cut of the gear. The heavier the density of the PVC, the higher the ability to withstand wear and tear. If you buy a significant brand, the breathable waterproof fabric is used for the wet weather gear. Ensure your jacket is a reflector or has reflector tape on arms, shoulder, and hood.

All About Snugpak Patrol Poncho

Are you planning on going outdoors? If so, you need a simple over the head cover that is waterproof in case of a downpour. A snugpak patrol poncho is a must have for everyone. It is designed to be worn over the users and backpack users to keep you and your gear dry during a downpour. The Snugpak patrol poncho is 100% waterproof and has an adjustable hood and thumb loops. A poncho is advantageous as it covers your backpack.

A Snugpak patrol poncho is very packable and light. It is suitable for emergency or when waiting out long-term light rain or short storms. It’s also perfect for light movement, fishing for it has sleeves and also provides good insect protection for it offers full coverage. You can use for it as an emergency bivvi in case you need to spend a night out under stars.

The weight of the Snugpak patrol poncho is 360g thus its light. You can use a compression stuff pack to help reduce the volume of the Snugpak patrol poncho to give extra space when traveling. The outer fabric is made of nylon which is waterproof and breathable to keep out the elements. It’s also windproof thus able to stop and trap air movement.

The Best Outdoor Apparel

Outdoor activities are fun and with the correct items and apparel one will definitely enjoy. There is a need to monitor the weather before you pack your apparel. Select the best apparel to keep you safe from harsh weather, from insect bites, from mud and other hostilities out there. You can get your set of outdoor apparel from the online stores.

You need outdoor apparels like frogg-toggs, waterproof rain jackets to beat the wet weather. The warm Vism Alpha Trekker jackets or Delta Zulu jacket are very essential to keep warm when it is cold. The collections available are suitable for all weather seasons. Cold, wet, winter and spring are all taken care off with comfortable apparels. There is a wide range of colors and styles to suit your taste and need, no matter the outdoor activity you want to set out for.

While selecting outdoor apparel, you need to check the comfort, durability, affordability as well as style. With all the available varieties, you are well catered for. All you need to do is list the items you may need for the kind of outdoor activity you are going for. Look out for the available collections, compare and select your unique fashion and preference.

Outdoor Backpacks to Look Out For

When preparing for outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain climbing, and camping, all you need is to consider the best outdoor backpacks for your gear. Select from the best brands such as NC Star, Chinook, and Tenzing. Backpacks are made of different materials and styles. If you have a list of items you need for the trip, it will be easy to select a backpack.

Most outdoor backpacks are loaded from the top and are roomy in the main compartment. Others may contain a padded phone pocket or a laptop sleeve. Also, a good backpack should have adjustable sternum straps, bottle pockets or hydration packs to help secure water which will help keep hydrated during the trip. The material of the backpack should be strong enough and bonded with leather trims for assurance. Backpacks with lots of compartments are very easy to organize.

The size should be checked to ensure all the trip stuff fits in the bag. The weight should also be checked to match your body and be comfortable to carry around. While shopping for an outdoor backpack, you also need to consider the external frame, especially for hikers and campers. The material should be water resistant to keep the items dry. A padded hip belt and shoulder strap bring in the comfort and lockable zippers to secure your items.