Hydration Packs for your Outdoor Needs

If you need to stay hydrated on long runs, rides or hikes you need to own a hydration pack. Staying hydrated is essential to your healthy exercise. With a hydration backpack, you can be able to have a drink without letting go. The hydration packs act as an alternative to water bottles and are of different sizes and compartment to give the right hydration.

The hydration packs ensure you have drinking water on hand when backpacking, mountain climbing, cycling, and other activities. Hydration packs can be classified into backpacks and waist pack. The hydration packs are also designed differently for various activities like cycling, backpacking, cross-country and more. The hydration packs are fitted with a slim tube attached to the water reservoir, this allows you to sip water frequently without stopping.

You need to understand the need of the hydrated packs for you to purchase the right kit. Consider the capacity you require too; do you want to go hiking all day or for a short period? There are hydration backpacks designed for either men or women; therefore, you can choose the one that fits you best. Look no further for best and quality hydration packs, come to Blue Ridge Camping & Hiking.

All you Need to Know About Katadyn Water Filter

The world leader of portable water purification systems is Katadyn. It has developed high tech filtration technology with an innovative method. The katadyn water filter is the best in the market so far, it can be used by backpackers, hobbyists, and professional outdoor tour. A water filter is vital especially during an outdoor trip. When water is filtered, all the dirt and impurities are removed leaving water fit for drinking.

Filtering water also help to prevent waterborne diseases. The katadyn water filter is available in different types. It’s fast as water passes through the pump on both up and down strokes. It’s easy to pump the katadyn water filter thus more water can pass through in a short time. It does not require any field maintenance.

The katadyn water filter is also portable and can be kept on the side pocket of the backpack. The filter is generally fed by applying pressure to provide steady water flow. O not go for the cheapest filter but purchase a quality water filter to avoid messing up with your life. The katadyn water filter is durable and will offer you peace of mind when drinking your water. Consider this filter for your own survival, it is available in Blue Ridge Camping & Hiking.com.

Choosing the Right Wet Weather Gear

If you work outdoors or under challenging conditions daily, you need the right quality wet weather gear. To enjoy your outdoor work and the ability to work comfortably you need to choose the best gear. It’s worse to walk around in nasty weather while dripping on the inside of your gear. Therefore, you need to select the right gear by considering some characteristics.

Decide if you need a lightweight, medium weight, and heavyweight wet weather clothing. Consider the material and color. Note that the different materials have varying weight, breathability, durability, cost and waterproofing ability. The lightweight wet weather clothing is used by farmers or by bike riders, ensure the gear is of good quality like PVC. The medium gear is tough for most applications or for less rough conditions.

Heavy gear is best for harsh environments. Consider the number of layers, the weight of the PVC and the cut of the gear. The heavier the density of the PVC, the higher the ability to withstand wear and tear. If you buy a significant brand, the breathable waterproof fabric is used for the wet weather gear. Ensure your jacket is a reflector or has reflector tape on arms, shoulder, and hood.

All About Snugpak Patrol Poncho

Are you planning on going outdoors? If so, you need a simple over the head cover that is waterproof in case of a downpour. A snugpak patrol poncho is a must have for everyone. It is designed to be worn over the users and backpack users to keep you and your gear dry during a downpour. The Snugpak patrol poncho is 100% waterproof and has an adjustable hood and thumb loops. A poncho is advantageous as it covers your backpack.

A Snugpak patrol poncho is very packable and light. It is suitable for emergency or when waiting out long-term light rain or short storms. It’s also perfect for light movement, fishing for it has sleeves and also provides good insect protection for it offers full coverage. You can use for it as an emergency bivvi in case you need to spend a night out under stars.

The weight of the Snugpak patrol poncho is 360g thus its light. You can use a compression stuff pack to help reduce the volume of the Snugpak patrol poncho to give extra space when traveling. The outer fabric is made of nylon which is waterproof and breathable to keep out the elements. It’s also windproof thus able to stop and trap air movement.